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Our production department is focused on producing economic development events and developing social businesses.

For over ten-years we have done the production work for the National Labor-Community Awards.

We have produced several 415TECH and Green Labor Capital Forums in the past.

In 2019 we produced the California Hemp Investment Forum and the California Hemp Expo. In 2020 we produced the Southern California Hemp Conference.

Better World Productions is a vehicle to develop and operate social businesses, also known as mission focused businesses. They have a specific structure based on the seven principles of social business developed by Professor Muhammad Yunus.

We now have the outlines avaiable of two social businesses in development - Better World Transportation and Farm Worker Farms.

Better World Productions unites social business and design science to build a better world.

A social business operates as a regular business but is focused on social goals. It uses standard business procedures, pays taxes, compensates employees, invests in growth and operates in a competitive marketplace. However profits are not issued to individuals, owners or investors. They are applied to achieving the social mission of the business. Capital can be used for start-up or expansion, but it is used and returned to capital providers without profit. Capital’s return on investment is also achieving the social mission of the business. Newman’s Own food company and Give Something Back business products company in Oakland are two well known and successful examples of social businesses.

Design Science is a problem solving approach which entails a rigorous, systematic study of the deliberate ordering of the components in our universe. The function of design science is to solve problems by introducing into the environment new artifacts which will produce spontaneous use and simultaneously prevent problem-producing behaviors. Buckminster Fuller was its most famous advocate. He believed that this approach needs to be comprehensive in order to gain a global perspective when pursuing solutions to problems humanity is facing.

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